Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer 2014

We are now on a summer recess and
regular dinner meetings will resume in
September. However we do have a BBQ
planned for August 2 and several Football,
Soccer and Bingo events to keep members
active throughout the summer.

Summer Edition #2 will provide details of
the BBQ.

Highway Clean-up

About 17 optimists helped out at our
Highway Clean-up on Saturday June 7th .
This was one of the larger turnouts and in
total thirteen bags of litter were collected.
We had an excellent lunch afterwards at
Leduc Boston Pizza . Special thank to Opt
John for coordinating this event

Brail Tone Wind-up

The Brail Tone Choir, Semitones (Jr.
Optimist Club Choir) and the
Communications group wind-up took
place on Saturday June 14 at Kiwanis
Place. About 60 attended. Both choirs
performed and the Communications group
gave some presentations. We were also
treated to a violin presentation by Yoko
Wong accompanied by Anna-Marie
Manalo. A light hot dog lunch followed.
This was the debut of the Jr choir and they
did great.


Our Club has now completed distributing &
fitting bicycle helmets at three Edmonton
Schools. 711 helmets have been fitted on to
Inner City Children at St. Catherines, Calder
School and Lauderdale School. Coming up
in August we hope to do Mother Theresa’s
and then next year so far St. Angela’s and
Kensington Schools.This is another of our
Child Injury Prevention programs.