Monday, November 17, 2014

Novemember 24, 2014 Program Meeting

Our next meeting will be on November
24th in the Szechuan Castle 15415 111th
Avenue at 615PM.

This will be a program meeting. Pete
Desrochers, Executive Director of the
Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society
will be our guest speaker at our Nov 24th
Meeting. Pete is a former member of the
Etobicoke Optimist Club in Toronto and
has an interesting presentation about
conflict, resolution and the bullying that
has become so common in our everyday
society. Come and enjoy this special

Reports will be given on past and
upcoming projects. All members are
urged to attend and please bring a guest,
especially a prospective new member.

Football Parking

Football is now complete and the
Eskimos will be hosting an appreciation
dinner. Opt Clint has contacted eligible
workers on the details of this Thank You

90th Anniversary

We will be celebrating our 90th Anniversary
in November 2015. President Clint has
established a Committee to set up this
celebration, if you have any ideas please
contact either Roger, Maureen, Samantha,
Keivin or Brian. We want this celebration to
be a memorable occasion.

Christmas Events

Our Brail Tones will be having their Christmas
Windup on Saturday morning, Dec 6th , at 10AM, in
the Kiwanis Place auditorium. You will hear
speeches and Christmas Carols. Afterwards our club
will be serving a hot dog lunch. Advise Geoff
Connor if you are attending.

The Children’s Christmas Party and Sleigh Ride will
take place on Saturday December 13th at Britannia
Youngstown Community Hall 15927 – 105 Avenue.
Contact Opt Beryl with ages of your kids, grand kids,
or great grand kids so that she can notify Santa. The
event runs from about 1pm to 5pm with a sleigh ride
from 2pm to 4pm. Optimists are needed from Noon
on to help set-up and operate activities and crafts.
Hotdogs and other food will be available. We are
expecting the Shriners Clowns to attend.

Our Club Christmas Dinner will be held at the
Continental Inn, 16625 Stony Plain Road on Monday
December 22 at 615PM. Join us for some Christmas
Fellowship, Carolling, and a buffet dinner.