Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Zone 5 news

Our Lt. Governor has announced the January 12th at 9AM-Noon is our next zone meeting and will feature a breakfast buffet at Continental Inn 16625 Stony Plain Rd. In addition to the Presidents reports and zone/district news and we will have two guest speakers. Kids Kottage will be out to talk about the gym/Youth Centre on 118th Ave built by the founder of Crystal Glass. The other one is a brand new Kids Charity “I Can Play 2”. All Optimists are urged to attend.

Our next meeting is Jan 14th

Our next meeting will be Monday January 14th at 6:15 PM will be at the Continental Inn 16625 Stony Plain Rd. We understand the buffet will be back but just in case of construction delays in the kitchen we may have a limited menu service.

This will be a regular meeting with reports and what is up and coming for the new year. All committee members are asked to bring a report and check with President Bert on reporting.

Don’t forget this is birthday cake meeting. Please attend this important meeting and please bring a guest.

Thursday, December 20, 2018