Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 27th Club Meeting

Our next meeting will be on October 27th in the Szechuan Castle 15415 111 Avenue at 615PM. This is President Clint’s first meeting and he will introduce his teams members. We will learn what is ahead for the new Optimist Year. Reports will be given on past and upcoming projects. All members are urged to attend and please bring a guest, especially a prospective new member.

Past Presient Warren's Finale

Our last meeting was on September 22ND. We did not have a meeting in early October because of Thanksgiving day and we also had a Football Parking event. President Warren introduced Sergeant Spunky and gave a membership drive presentation. We need to add six new members before the Optimist year ends. This was Past President Warren’s final meeting and recognized his members who have helped him be successful this past year. Guests included Daniel, guest of Opt Peggy Dick a potential new member. Optimist Hazel brought her sister Rose out to be with us. Awards presented included A Life Membership Award to Opt Ruby and a Presidents Citation was given to Opt Beryl. President Warren also presented First Aid starter kits to all members at this meeting. The kits casing have our Optimist Logo and is an excellent item and may be useful for our many events such as parking or bicycle safety events. After these
presentations President Warren then turn the gavel, bell and banners over to President Designate Clint. Clint in turn gave Warren a Past Presidents pin, watch and plaque. The meeting was adjourned with the Creed.

Club Board Meeting November 5th

The Club board meeting scheduled for November 5th. The meeting will be held atthe Elmwood School at 6:30pm. Board members please contact President Clint if you are able to attend.

Brail Tone News

The Brail Tone Groups have set Dec 6th as their Christmas windup commencing at 10AM til approx. 1230P and May 30th for their Summer Windup 10AM til approx. 1230P at the Kiwanis Place Auditorium. Please add these dates to your calendar.