Monday, May 15, 2017

Police Record Checks

All members are required to have a Police Record Check and forms are available. This requirement is because we are "Friends of Youth." If you already have a PRC on file from work or other organizations, then you just need to provide a copy to President John or Opt Keivin. The club will cover the PRC fees.

Our next meeting is June 12th

Our next meeting is June 12th and a future bulletin will be provide the program details. We will not have a meeting on May 22nd because of the Victoria Day Long Weekend.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Remaining Brail Tone Events

Here is a list of the remaining Brail Tone events until the summer break.

Saturday, May 27: Kokopelli Journey Concert @ Sacred Heart Church (10821 96 St)

show 3:00-6:00 p.

Saturday, June 3:

10-11:30 am performance, Year-End Recital @ Giovanni School of Music (10528 Mayfield Rd) with students of the BTMSOC

Due to the busy schedule, this is being combined with the windup that the Brail Tones usually have at Kiwanis Place. Our last day of performances will be on Saturday, June 10. This is a nursing home tour at Chinatown Care Center, address 9539-102 A Ave, and Sheperd’s Care Kensington Village, 12603-135 Ave. Optimists are encouraged to attend all of the above performances.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Our next meeting is on May 8th

Our next meeting is on Monday May 8th at 6:15 at the Szechuan Castle 15414 111 Avenue. At this meeting our Club's Essay winner Maia Pitkanen will be on hand to read her entry that was entered into the District Contest. We will also have a guest speaker from the Edmonton Symphony Danielle Dolgoy. All members are urged to attend.

We will have reports on past and upcoming events and projects.

Please bring a guest, especially a prospective new member for this important meeting.