Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Our next meeting is on March 27th 2017

Our next meeting is on March 27th at 6:15 pm and it will be a dinner meeting in the Continental Inn Edmonton Room 16625 Stony Plain Road. The 144th Scouts will be attending. Normally Baden Powell week is celebrated at the end of February but this year we are a month behind. The Scouts will be out and we will be treated to traditional songs, skits and a cheer. Do not miss out on this fun!

We will have reports on upcoming events and projects. Spring is not far away and projects are already being set-up. Please bring a guest, especially a prospective new member for this important meeting.

Monday, March 20, 2017

March 19th zone meeting and crib tournament

On March 19th the Edmonton Beverly Optimist Club hosted the second quarter zone 5 meeting and crib tournament at the Maple Leaf Athletic Club. We started off the day with the zone meeting. Each club gave their reports, door prizes were won and the first of two 50/50 draws was won. We then closed with the creed.

Afterwards the crib tournament began. Every table had four people and it was a partners tournament. If you and your partner won the game you would move onto the next table, if you had lost you would stay at the same table. We played several round and then broke for the potluck lunch. After lunch we played a few more rounds, the winners were announced and given cash prizes. The second 50/50 draw was won. Everyone helped clean up and teared down and called it a day.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Our next meeting is on December 12th 2016 Christmas meeting

Our next meeting is on December 12th and will be a dinner meeting at 6:15 pm in the Continental Inn, Edmonton Room, 16625 Stony Plain Road.  The BT Choir (Brail Tone Choir) will be
joining us for supper and then they will be singing some Christmas songs for us. 
A Gift Exchange is planned so please bring a gift, make it so it can be used by a male or female.   Keep the price of the gift between $5 & $10. A fun game is planned for this. Also bring items for the School Boxes which we are assembling as described later in this bulletin. 
If there is time we will hear reports about Past & upcoming 2017 projects. Please come out and bring a guest, especially a prospective new member.

The Brail Tone College Club

The Brail Tone College Club windup on Saturday, December 3 was a tremendous success. It was at
Kiwanis Place and 65 attended. Opt Geoff was the master of ceremonies for the event. The choirs  were sporting brand new uniforms. There were performances from both choirs, musical selections
from some of the music students, and speeches.  Special thanks to Samantha for the lunch and to
Peggy, Geneva, Lucile and Maria for helping in the Kitchen. Opt Keivin handed out roses to the Choir members and other contributors.