Thursday, November 4, 2010

Canadian Optimist Foundation News

Past president Geoff is our club foundation representative and has provided the following information.

Many Optimists are already familiar with the different ways you can donate to our foundation. But in case you aren't, I'll run through them:

1. Dime a day - If a club member donates $40, they receive a unique pin.
2. Century level - If a club member donates $100, they will receive a special appreciation stick on deckle.
3. Personal Donation - Donate $250 in a year - You will receive a commemorative plate beautifully decorated with a couple of kids on the plate face.
4. Personal Donation - Donate $500 in a year - When your contribute up to $500, you will receive a framed print.

If the club donates $500, the club receives the print. From there, it goes to dollars per member banner

Club members can get various levels of benefactor that start at $1000 and go up to $10,000. For example, if a club member donates $1000 in a year, they can get a nice piece of crystal. There is also a process where you can fund an oratorical contest.

The Canadian foundation has been undergoing a name change. The new name is the Canadian Children’s Optimist Foundation. Reasons for the name change: the foundation really wants to focus on the fact that they're helping the kids and they want everyone to know that they are the Canadian foundation.

Learn more at

Lots of information and explanation on the name change.

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  1. That's interesting news about OIFC renaming themselves to CCOF ... I hope that it accomplishes what they want to without creating confusion.