Saturday, January 15, 2011

Brail Tone met on a very snowy Saturday the 15th

The Saturday Morning groups are up and running and despite the cruel weather outside with the continuing snow only one member didn't make it in. The DATS system worked well and got them all there. Even the choir portion had a good turnout. We received a picture today of the choir at a performance at balboa cafe in south Edmonton. Have a look.

The Brail Tone Choir
After several years, Ron Pitmen felt that the Octagon Group should consist of more than just a public speaking program. So he decided to start a choir. With the help of 2 other gentlemen, Bill Owen and Ron Sales, this was accomplished. It too, would be sponsored by the Edmonton Dinner Optimist Club. However, in order for the choir to be a success, a good director had to be found. It took awhile, But Ron Pitmen finally found Scott Leithead. Scott Leithead directed several other choirs as well. Under his direction. the choir got off the ground. The choir was named, the Brail Tone Choir and we still have the same name today. Over the years, the Brail Tone Choir has had 3 directors. Scott Leithead, Carmen So, and Kathleen Skinner. Our current director is Carmen So. All 3 are excellent directors. We've also had a number of section leaders and they too, have been great. The fees for the director, the section leaders, and a lot of the supplies are payed for by the Brail Tone Music Society of Canada. Thanks to the directors and the section leaders, the Brail Tone Choir has come a long way. We've learned a variety of songs, and we've performed at churches, seniors complexes, choral fest, and 1 weekend, we even went to Saskatoon and performed.
Name Change
As the years went by, the members of the Octagon Group became adults. Suddenly, the day came where the name Octagon Group wasn't good anymore. We could no longer be a junior Optimist club. So a deal was made with
Optimist International that we become a college club. In December of 2005,we became the Brail Tone College Club, and that's what we are today.

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