Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bingo Date Changes

Hello everyone -- We have 6 Bingo date changes for you. These changes were made because the old dates conflicted with 3 Eskimo Football games, 2 Casino and a Dinner Meeting. Attached is the revised total list, but here are the specific dates:

Cancel June 24th Afternoon and replace it with June 22nd Afternoon Bingo
Cancel July 29th Afternoon and replace it with July 28th Afternoon Bingo
Cancel Aug 16th Afternoon and replace it with Aug 10th Afternoon Bingo
Cancel Sept 29th Afternoon and replace it with Sept 30th Afternoon Bingo
Cancel Nov 4th Evening/Late Night and replace it with Nov 3rd, Thurs Afternoon Bingo
Cancel Monday Evening Nov 28th and replace it with Weds Afternoon Nov 30th.

We still have one or two minor conflictions left but at this time, I believe, that we can handle them.

originally submitted by Keivin

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