Monday, July 18, 2011

Mid-Summer Update

We do hope all members are having a fantastic Summer and
below is from our Summer newsletter II.

  • **Remember the kids at St. Catharine’s when you
    attend the year end BBQ at President Beryl's == Milk -
    Juice & breakfast cereal - fresh fruit - As they are back
    in School in August **

  • We have several projects this summer and encourage
    everyone to help out at the football parking, bingo
    events, and casinos.

  • AGM
    Notice of our AGM was given that our next
    meeting at the Royal Fork will be September 12
    Club Election will be held on September 12 with a
    financial report and bylaws & policy review to

  • Upcoming events
    Bingo 18 Jul 2011 - Mon Afternoon
    Bingo 25 Jul 2011 - Mon Afternoon
    Bingo 27 Jul 2011 - Wed Evening arr 430P
    Bingo 28 Jul 2011 - Thurs Afternoon
    Football Parking 29 Jul 2011 -Fri 7:30PM
    Bingo 09 Aug 2011 - Tue Afternoon
    Club BBQ 07 Aug 2011- Sunday 2pm
    Bingo 10 Aug 2011 -Wed Afternoon

  • Member News
    Congratulations to Grandparents Opt Ruby and Opt
    John. Their daughter and son-in-law are proud
    parents of a daughter Madeline May.
    Opt Samantha was in and out of the hospital for
    carpal tunnel surgery but is healing and doing well.
    Opt & Scouter Bill is at the Pacific jamboree in BC
    this year with his Edson Scout group.
    Opt Roger, Opt Maureen, Opt Clint, Opt Geneva are
    participating in The Alberta 55 Plus Games which is
    a provincial premier multi-sport and cultural event.
    The Games provide a venue for Albertans 55 years of
    age and older to pursue greater levels of physical,
    social, intellectual and creative achievement through
    friendly competition and participation.

  • Prince Albert Convention – Time is running
    out for registrations and room reservations. Call
    Opt Keivin now if you want to be included in our
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