Monday, December 3, 2012

New Meeting Location

A few weeks ago Lt Gov Geoff learned that the Royal
Fork is closing after several year of operation.
Ownership of the Royal Fork has changed a few times
and the current owners have decided to close the
restaurant permanently and re-open in a different,
smaller location. The Dinner Optimist Club has met at
this location since the late 1990's and is now searching
for a new home.
If you have a favourite buffet place that can
accommodate 20 - 40 Optimists with an option to
expand this number in a private room then please let a
board member know. Already we have a few places in
mind but the more choices the better. The last time we
moved we tried out a few place in the City then had a
vote and in 1997 moved to the Royal Fork. Please
ensure you read the bulletin and note carefully the
meeting locations. Also the price we collect at the door
will vary as the price at the other restaurants will be
different. The club meetings will remain the same
format, a mix of regular and program meetings and we
encourage Optimists to bring guests, especially potential
new members.

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