Monday, July 28, 2014

FIFA U20 Edmonton

Our third major parking fund raising project is
well underway. Because this is an International
event all members interested in working need to
be accredited, if you are working this event and
have not had your accreditation process
completed, please contact Opt Clint to get your
accreditation card. Special thanks to Pres-Elect
Clint for organizing this project which may push
Parking as our second largest fund raiser after
Bingos and Casinos. Also thank you to our Club
members for working all of these events.

Women's World Cup Canada
Tuesday Aug 5th, 5P, GER vs USA
Tuesday Aug 5th, 8P, China vs Brazil
Friday Aug 8th, 5P, Ger vs China
Friday Aug 8th, 8P, USA vs Brazil
Weds Aug 13th, 3P, Paraguay vs France
Weds Aug 13th, 6P, Nigeria vs England
Saturday Aug 16th, Quarter Final

Please let Clint, 780-434-7133 know your availability
for these games.

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