Saturday, April 25, 2015

FIFA Games

We will be involved in the Fifa Soccer events and any one interested in helping out with this should contact President Clint so that accreditation is obtained.

Events are as follows: (from Opt Doug)
Date Game Time Teams

June 6, Sat 16:00 CAN vs CHN

June 6, Sat 19:00 NZL vs NED

June 11, Thur 16:00 CHN vs NED

June 11, Thur 19:00 CAN vs NZL

June 16, Tues 15:00 SWI vs CMR

June 16, Tues 18:00 AUS vs SWE

June 20, Sat 17:30 2nd A vs 2nd C

June 22, Mon 18:00 1st D vs 3rd B/E/F

June 27, Sat 14:00 W41 vsW42

July 1,Wed 17:00 W47 vsW48

July 4, Sat 14:00 L49 vs L50

Start times may vary depending on the gate you are assigned too, but would be normally three hours before the above times to a couple hours after. Some members may be needed for both games on double game days.

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