Tuesday, June 23, 2015



(the “Partnership”)


On June 19, 2015 Linked Gaming Inc. purchased the shares of 657255 Alberta Ltd., o/a the General Partner of Alberta Satellite Bingo Limited Partnership.

Linked Gaming Inc. is a subsidiary of eQube Gaming, a pre-existing, committed and valued partner in the Bingo Industry in Alberta. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Edmonton Alberta, eQube Gaming has been a leader in the Charitable and Community Gaming Market with software installed throughout venues in Alberta, BC, Ontario, Europe and the US.

Since the first game on February 15, 1996, nearly $220 million has been returned to charities across Alberta. In addition, the 161 original Limited Partners each received $6,110.00 per unit for a total of $2,444,000.00 in operating surplus of the Partnership (commonly referred to as dividends).

The operations of Alberta Satellite Bingo will continue under new management, who together with existing staff, will work diligently to bring new life, products and prizes to the Satellite game. We will continue to provide the much needed revenue through the bingo pools, to the charitable organizations that operate bingo in our province.

The Directors of both the outgoing General Partner and the incoming Linked Gaming Inc. would like to express their apologies for any confusion this transaction may have caused or may continue to cause over the coming months. The discussions about the sale commenced very late in the spring and until anything was final, the AGLC was adamant that it remain confidential.

The Annual General Meeting of the Limited Partnership will be held once the review of year-end financial statements is completed by Grant Thornton. They are currently slotted to complete the work in July so we expect to have the AGM in late August. Notification of the meeting will be sent to you in advance of the meeting.

June 23, 2015

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