Monday, November 30, 2015

Optimsits 90th Anniversary Celebrated

At our last meeting we Celebrated our 90th Anniversary and thank you to Optimist Maureen for sending our President a letter regarding this event.

Brian what a wonderful 90th Anniversary party the club put on. Special thanks go to Samantha, who did the bulk of the planning, and her helpers. The souvenir bags were packed with a lovely engraved cup, pen and chocolates with the 90th Anniversary logo. The Anniversary cake was decorated lovely. The room at the Continental hotel looked great, and was even better when the buffet was put out. Did you see those 3 huge hips of beef served up by the Chef.  Clint did a bang up job as MC for the evening, keeping things rolling right along and on time. (By the way did you notice his "Movember" Mustache).  Everyone had fun deciding which jar to put their tickets in, in order to "win" a prize. Big thanks to all those who solicited firms for these ‘prizes’. And of course we noted our newer member Jeff happened to win 3 times – lucky you.  And then there was the Mystery Theatre players (what a great idea to have them come out) who kept everyone listening hard for clues and laughing – yes we heard you Margaretha having many laughs. We did have one smart person in the room that guessed who killed Mr. Sinclair – she didn’t happen to be from our club however.  John kept the music flowing, and Geoff gave us some of his special songs and guitar playing. It was nice to see Doreen. And of course the evening wouldn’t have been complete without Keivin there, the main stay of our club, so glad he could make it. Everyone had a great time.

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