Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Our next meeting is May 13th

Our next meeting will be Monday May 13 at 6:15 PM and will be a buffet in the Szechuan Castle 15415 111th Ave. This will be our Annual General Meeting.

This meeting will feature the elections, a financial review and bylaws and policy review. The Past Presidents, led by Past President Geoff, met a while ago to determine a slate of officers to lead our club next year. With a large club, we have several great candidates for Vice President and Directors  and this means we will have an election. Past President Geoff  will conduct the meeting and he will call for additional members from the floor for these positions. Following the elections we will have a report from Treasurer Keivin  and then we will review proposed changes to our bylaws and policies.

If time permits we will have reports on our bicycle safety projects and of course do not forget it is cupcake Monday and anyone with a birthday in May will get a cupcake 

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