Monday, January 6, 2014

Wolf Point, Montana

It has been decided not to move forward with the bus. Over 20 riders were confirmed but this was not enough to fill this mode of transportation to make it feasible. However: Minivans will be used and this will be a great Optimist event.


Fellow Optimists.

At our last Zone meeting, we discussed the bus to Wolf Point. To date, only 10 people have confirmed their reservation on that bus to. It is imperative that we strive to get more Optimists to attend the 2nd Quarter Conference and reserve their seat on the bus going to Wolf Point. We are attempting to keep the cost to a minimum of $110 to depart from the Edmonton area.

It is a long journey and you can enjoy the comfort of a bus and save yourself the drive on a cold night. Enjoy the fellowship of other Optimists taking this bus. Food and drinks are permitted on the bus provided you clean up after yourself. To reserve a seat: Anyone wishing to hop on the bus out of the Edmonton area, it will cost you $110. It is imperative that these fees be received at my home no
later than January 23rd in order to reserve your seat on the bus. Please make cheques or money order payable to Patti Welling and mail ...

I would also appreciate a followup email indicating your request to board the Wolf Point bus so I can track the monies as it comes in.
Please contact me by email if you have any questions.

Patti Welling,
LG Zone 5

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