Monday, November 21, 2016

Jubilations Night

This is a dinner and show night to appreciate and recognize Club members who contributed to the Club significantly.

Date: Friday January 20,2017
Night at the Museum of country Music.

Nashville Tennessee is known the world over as the legendary home of Country Music, and at the center of that legend is the Country Music Museum and Hall of Fame. On an average day the museum attracts thousands of visitors… but at night is when the real fun starts!! The locals claim that if you happen to be passing the museum in the wee hours, you can hear the faint sounds of country stars past and present coming to life!! Featuring hit songs from legends like Garth Brooks and Shania Twain, and modern country stars like Keith Urban, and Taylor Swift…

join us at Jubilations Dinner Theatre for a Night at the Museum of Country Music Deadline for notification of attendance January 6, 2017. After January 6, 2017 if there is any remaining tickets they can be bought for $50.

Club policies are in effect for this event and the Club board has added:

To be eligible for Jubilations you need to have obtained enough credits over & above the credits (4)
needed to cover your club dues Credits are earned by doing 8 activities or 4 fundraising events. For Jubilations, the board decided at the last meeting attending club meetings does not qualify as an
activity as per the club board. Activities are projects eg: Cub Bikeree, Sleigh Ride, CCDHH, helmet
fittings, brail tone, etc.

Fundraising: Bingo , Casino & Parking

Contact Samantha Wallace if you are interested. Any concerns on the qualification process should be directed to President John or any board member

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