Monday, November 21, 2016

November 14 Meeting

Our last meet was a double program meeting and our Remembrance Day meeting. 38 members and
guests attended.
Will Goessaert representing the War Amps (CHAMP) program which 'carries on the torch of remembrance’ gave a presentation on his life with an artificial leg. The presentation included demonstrating his $65,000 C-leg which is computerized that allows for the ability to adjust speed as needed. His presentation contained several videos on the War Amps program since it first started with World War I. Part of the presentation included Will’s efforts in working with others to overcome the challenge of being an amputee.

We also had a presentation by Opt. Annette in Remembrance of some of her family who served.  Annette had being working on her presentation for about a year. Three generations of her family members have served in the military. Opt Daniel and Opt Jeff assisted Annette with a few war and remembrance day videos. Annette and her Mom had a display of many photos, including Annette in Tanks and fighter air crafts. 
Following the meeting President John gave a brief report of Club happenings and asked for some
reports. The meeting was adjourned with the creed.

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